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Data Migration

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.

Tim Berners-LeeInventor of the World Wide Web

We know...

Data migration could be a pain in the ***, remember that moment you lost your private data like family photo`s or study material, think about that in the bigger picture for the company you are working for. Yes, it happens, all the time. Bad migration plans and lost of data due to wrong decisions and easy mistakes.


First, we investigate a few basic highlights of your data structure. The total size and what not to migrate, the best choice how to migrating, who is responsible and so on. It`s the most important part for successfully migrate your beloved data.


Now we know what to migrate we setup the migration system. Prepare and schedule the migration plan cost some time, but at least your data will be thankful for doing this. With preparation of migrating, we also do a ‘test’ migration.


It is always excited to do the best part of migrating, change your data location. With our experience we going to this right, on scheduled time (mostly our of business hours). We freeze the old location and redirect to the new.


The ‘hard’ part has done, we destroy your old data to cleanup space. You can use the new location and we close the temporary migration paths (if they needed). The non-usage data goes to the archive, because maybe you will need it one day.

Migration plan is included in the Customer Portal

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